The Secret to Keeping Your Shirt Tucked in ALL Day

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22 replies
  1. Dave Spence
    Dave Spence says:

    Not sure why there is so much hate on this video. I ordered these shirt garters from KK&Jay 2 weeks ago after watching this video and they're AWESOME! Just wore them for the first time to a funeral tonight. They're unbelievably comfortable and they WORK! My shirt still looks fresh as hell. Honestly I can't stress enough how comfortable these are. You totally forget you're even wearing them. Once again, thanks to Jose for pointing me in the right direction

  2. mrmocisse
    mrmocisse says:

    Great idea! My only concern is that will it set off metal detectors at the airport (TSA) if i'm traveling?… I don't want to have to take it off there :)

  3. Michael Maka
    Michael Maka says:

    Will the clips not ruin your shirts/socks over time in the place where they attach? It seems you are stretching the material when the clip is pulled up in order to lock the clips securely. Please let me know. Thank you.

  4. Tony Yang
    Tony Yang says:

    I saw your video and purchased the shirt garter right away, a few days before my wedding. The ones on Amazon look inferior to the one you recommended. I tried it on for the first time the day of the wedding and it felt great immediately. While I could still feel it all day, I knew it was doing its job, and I never touched my shirt or tucked it in once during the whole day. I am super happy with the product. Thanks!

  5. Jonathan Linden
    Jonathan Linden says:

    Didn't even watch this, but what I use is Shirt Guarders. I started using them when I was in JROTC in high school. After I used them I never could go back. They are great and after all these years they don't bother me at all.

  6. Osca Alva
    Osca Alva says:

    who the fucks wear that so gay back in the day cops wore that shit in nyc but they strap there gun to that shit if your girl sees you wearing that shit she will run out the bedroom and dump your ass dude kick you to the curb

  7. Wei Wang
    Wei Wang says:

    how does this video get 1600 dislikes, every other video I went to goes over the "right length, right fit, military tuck" stuff then in the end they carefully toss out the fact that shirt stays are the most effective.

    this video throws it in your face that shirt stays are the solution. I like.


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