Texas Man Wears ‘F*CK TRUMP’ T-Shirt To Restaurant, Never Sees His Brutal Smackdown Coming

A Texas man thought he could wear a vulgar T-shirt that condemns President Donald Trump in the middle of a family restaurant. However, when he sat down, the overconfident liberal didn’t anticipate the brutal smackdown that he was about to receive.

Garland, Texas, resident Andy Ternay decided to take his wife to First Watch café in Richardson, Texas. In true liberal fashion, he thought the most appropriate attire he could wear would be a t-shirt condemning our current Commander-in-Chief. In a matter of minutes, his unforeseen brutal smackdown began, and it’s only continued since.

Ternay knew he would get a lot of attention but never anticipated that it would be full of negative feedback. He walked into the family restaurant with the shirt that said, “F*CK TRUMP AND F*CK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM,” on the front, according to Daily Caller. On the back of his shirt, it read, “F*CK THE RACIST ALT RIGHT,” with a hand giving the middle finger. Classy.

As most anyone would expect, he was booted from the establishment shortly after he and his wife arrived. Ternay later explained that the manager expressed that the language on his shirt was too offensive to several patrons in the restaurant and that it might be seen by children.

Of course, he explained that he “expressed deep sympathies and let her (the manager) know that explaining ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ and golden showers to my daughter was equally unpleasant.” He believes that your children should be able to handle reading the f-word. I believe, he’s missing the point.

Although most people would think that getting kicked out of a restaurant for inappropriate attire would shut a person up, for Ternay, it didn’t. He simply went home and turned to Facebook to share his experience with his friends.

Ternay even decided to bring race into the situation, claiming that only the black people in the restaurant understood his perspective. However, that’s exactly when his smackdown truly began. As soon as his post went viral, he quickly realized that many people felt his sentiment was disrespectful and weren’t afraid to say that. In fact, with all of the criticism he was receiving, he was forced to do what many whiny liberals do — he deleted his post.

Despite what has happened, Ternay still doesn’t understand. In fact, when he was approached by The Daily Beast, he explained why he wore the shirt and showed anything but remorse for what he did. In fact, he said he wore the shirt because he wants his friends, neighbors, and family members to know where he stands.

“I don’t want people of color, Muslims, LGBTQ [people], immigrants to feel alone,” he said. “The proper use of white male privilege is to help lift others. To speak truth to power.”

First Watch Café’s corporate offices have since addressed the issue by releasing a statement to “correct the misperceptions that are being perpetuated.”

“When we asked the gentleman to leave our restaurant yesterday, it was in response to complaints from customers and families with young children regarding the vulgar obscenities boldly emblazoned on his shirt,” the statement explained.

“Just as young children cannot go to R-rated movies that feature language like that, we do not believe they should be exposed to it in a family restaurant and we absolutely understand our customers’ uneasiness and decided to invoke our right to refuse service to that individual,” the statement added.

“Despite claims to the contrary made by others not informed of the event specifics, this incident has nothing to do with any political statement or the color of people’s skin,” the statement concluded.

The fact of the matter here is simple: the shirt was disrespectful and inappropriate. Andy Ternay has the right to say whatever he wants, but there is no reason to enter a public establishment where young children are present and flaunt expletives on his shirt for them to read.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, and that’s exactly why people have a problem with it. It’s time for all Trump haters to realize that Donald Trump is our president and deserves a little bit of respect because of it. His time will eventually end, but until then, people like Andy need to grow up.

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10 replies
  1. Alsea Mason
    Alsea Mason says:

    This is a person that has,no morality or cares,about anyone or anything..Family reataurants arent the places you should harbor around people when wearing your feelings about not only Donald Trump..but everyone else also..

  2. manuel ortega
    manuel ortega says:

    Here here…just walk out in public with your a$$ hanging out scum bag and we will know where you stand on the issues. If you don't like the President of this Country you are free to move to say Venezuela or Cuba or where ever you really feel at home. If you need help with the boat ticket let us know, and we will set up a gophuckyou fund, how's that?????????


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