T-Shirt Contest UPDATE: The Top 20

Full Rules:

1. All votes must be submitted as a comment to this video.
2. Only 3 choices can be made, and only 1 entry may be made per account. If duplicate accounts are suspected, the account will be banned from participating in the contest.
3. All votes must be submitted by February 27th at 12:01 AM Pacific.

Apology to Nate for #13! I said Jacques, but his name is actually Nate Mann. I had a problem with the formatting! Number 13 is Nate Mann!

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  1. Kit X
    Kit X says:

    1. Design 7
    2. Design 12
    3. Design 20

    (This was super hard to vote on but I picked the ones I thought to be the most creative/original and that would look best on a t shirt 🙂 well done to everyone who entered yall are awesome artists!)


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