T-Shirt Contest To Benefit Basking Ridge’s Historic Oak Tree

BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Sixth graders at William Annin Middle School will be designing a T-shirt to celebrate and remember the beloved historic Oak Tree. Proceeds from the shirt sales will be given to the Historical Society of the Somerset Hills in order to benefit the Community Oak.

The students learned about the history behind the tree that anchors the Basking Ridge community and brainstormed ways to remember the tree after it has to be taken down.

The idea for students to design t-shirts was embraced by the Oak Tree Task Force.

“It is going to cost thousands of dollars to safely remove the tree so the proceeds from the eventual sale of the winning t-shirt design will be used as a fundraiser to help defray the costs,” the school stated.

This contest is open to all students grade 6, 7, and 8 at William Annin Middle School and the winning design will be chosen by a committee of teachers, a representative of the Historical Society, and members of the Oak Tree Task Force.

Here are the guidelines:

  • You may submit your design as a computer generated image or you may draw your design
  • Only hard copies of designs will be accepted, please don’t email your design
  • You should be designing the front and back of the shirt
  • Please use a maximum of three colors in your design to keep production costs down
  • Contest deadline is Friday, February 10th
  • Please submit all designs to Mrs. Dupuis in room 221
  • Only appropriate and positive designs will be accepted

(Photo by Jason Hutchings)

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