Metal Gear Online: Tactical T-Shirt Ops

MGO enforcer gameplay, the usual, I thought hey why not play some MGO since I havent been on it much (because it’s usually terrible), so I made this video in a day lol. I havent seen any videos about it so at the end I decided to do a summary on how to get animal ranks for some sexy ass T-Shirts fam.

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  1. Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts says:

    0:36 Seven mortar shells fired, five kills. (estimate) "You're pretty good!" Except for that last mortar shell, we don't see if there was a kill for that one. There might have been a kill, but dammit Bobby, you had to edit it out. Why I oughta…

  2. Peritvs
    Peritvs says:

    A good enforcer is my biggest fear in this game. If I can't land a headshot with the WU on my first three attempts, I'm out that bitch lol. Usain Bolt shit.

  3. Herman8901
    Herman8901 says:

    Auto aim for hawk? what? auto aim goes straight for the chest and makes it near impossible to aim any where else. im with you on hating the auto aim thing but i got my eagle with out it and would never have gotten it with auto aim enabled


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