Man Thrown Out at Hillary Rally Wearing Bill Clinton Rape Shirt

A man with a shirt that had a picture of Bill Clinton with the word “Rape” on it stood up and revealed his shirt in the middle of Hillary’s rally at Wayne State University in Detroit. He started yelling at her, and people around him kept trying to cover him with signs. He grabbed the big sign in the shape of a heart out of someone’s hand and threw it, and kept yelling at Hillary. After about a minute or two, security showed up, grabbed him, and forced him to leave after he resisted. He took off his coat and then fell at the bottom of the stairs, then he was taken out. Hillary responded “I do hope somebody follows that gentleman out and stages an intervention, clearly he has not been following this election.”

Filmed at 3:28 pm 10/10/16 at Wayne State University

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  1. LORD - MY GOD
    LORD - MY GOD says:

    Wow, what gull to even speak of someone on a note as Hillary does, her husband has raped and abused many a women and she chased them down , Wow, this is to much !! I have a hard time believing people would actually vote for the man and woman Clinton, I guess their daughter knows the truth now

  2. Smrljak
    Smrljak says:

    This is called Clintons demokracy . Using power and force on American and non American people , this man is getting arrested for a free speech !!! I REPEAT A FREE SPEECH !!! Hellooo wake up America !!! Whats happend with Amendment 1 , Killary is going to destroy USA if she wins, so people of USA DO NOT BE CONTINUOUSLY BLIND, OPEN YOURS EYES ! THIS LADY IS EVIL

  3. Mark16:15
    Mark16:15 says:

    Which is worse?

    Trump talks locker room from 11 years ago when he was a pro-abortion Democrat, then later apologizes.

    HilLiary protects and enables an alleged rapist and admitted sexual predator, disparages and besmirches his victims, and never apologizes. In fact, she deflects blame toward someone like me because of my right-leaning political views.

    C'mon you fakers of moral outrage. Give us all a break.

    The woman is such an idiot. She thought she was smart leaking Trumps locker room talk, not realizing that that only opened the door wide open to talk about actual sexual crimes in her family history. Young voters were still in their diapers when Bill was impeached for lying under oath about his sexual escapades, so many weren't even aware of her complicity in his crimes. Now they are becoming aware. How many young girls want to vote for a woman who would call them trailer trash if her husband raped them?

  4. warrgail
    warrgail says:

    Okay Hillary, it is okay for the police to beat up on a black man if that Black man does not fit her narrative. BLM don't matter if they don't support your rapist husband. Wow!

  5. Mick Jagged
    Mick Jagged says:

    there MIGHT be 500 people there. meanwhile Trump is literally holding rallies of 16,000+. yet shes leading in the polls. Everything about the clinton campaign is 100% fraudulent.

  6. Liz Alba
    Liz Alba says:

    Wow! she is lying to those people who are in her basket of corruption..! waaaaaaaaahhhhh! Why the democrats are demonsrats? whoa! the name fits…waaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!


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