FFXIV Stormblood: What Does Yoshi’s Spiderman Shirt Really Mean?

Red Mage Reveal & Opening Keynote:

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28 replies
  1. SKnight8046
    SKnight8046 says:

    Well, they could integrate the Blue Magic collection in with the Job Quests by having you fight specific monsters with those abilities. That's how I see Blue Mage working, though honestly… I'd like it to be a caster DPS. I just see that role fitting Blue Mage best, though it could be anything. Damn, Blue Mage is even more confusing to place than Red Mage was! xD

  2. Aust TheNoob
    Aust TheNoob says:

    You know, Blu still fits even if you don't look at Peter himself. Electro is a good first close comparison, Sandman. There's a heavy focus through the series of origin stories based around being affected by what they become/control. THOUGH let's also not count out Kraven. Beast Master could be there too. Speculation abound, /popcorn

  3. Evan Wilcher
    Evan Wilcher says:

    I remember the creators saying that it was tough to balance 3 new jobs. I believe there will only be two. Blue Mage makes a lot of sense, expecially if they they focus the abilities for tanking, healing, and DPS. I am hoping that both Red and Blue Mage, if Blue Mage is the other job, fits all roles and that you can use focused abilities to allow them to play each role.

  4. Velock85
    Velock85 says:

    if it is blu i would be more interested in what is really going on in ala Mhigo that blu and rdm are being created to assist in the war effort kinda peeks my interest for the story even more.

  5. mono grizzly
    mono grizzly says:

    It dose add up but i dont think so if wouldent put samuri out because they didnt want to put out a eastern job so close to ninja why would they now be up for puting out 2 mage themed jobs togther

  6. kuronami00
    kuronami00 says:

    the blue mage could be more like a morpher. They are basically the same thing except morpher you don't just take skills, you actually turn into the monsters. Either way for obtaining skills (or forms if they do take the morpher route) I can see the class quest being you tracking down unique monsters and fighting them to learn the ability. If it is a tank then that would be a good way to introduce tanking mechanics for those who want to try a new playstyle and get use to the class mechanics before jumping into DF.

  7. WASD Fit
    WASD Fit says:

    wow you've done an entire 180 since the end of the stream now. I was like you where I was convinced it would be SAM in the expansion but now I'm really excited to see how they'll pull off BLU it's looking to be a great expansion for the mages.

  8. Nick Bopp
    Nick Bopp says:

    spiders have venom venom is poisonous poison is indicated by green debuffs GREENMAGE CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!

    plus just think about it red blue and green mage it just fits together XDXD I refuse to ever lose hope !!

  9. DDK Smaxx
    DDK Smaxx says:

    Just a lil thing on the side, but we saw Yugiri return in the 3.5 screenshots and she brought NIN with her. Definatelly not ruling out Blue Mage, but the theory of Samurai and what you said about them not releasing 2 eastern themed jobs back to back would also tie in with why they would bring back Yugiri now, cuz it could serve as a build up. They also said that the new classes would be accessible outside of the Stormblood areas. I'm equally divided between Blue mage and Samurai right now, so can't wait till february either.

  10. Chris Gaming TV
    Chris Gaming TV says:

    I think samurai and ganna be a tank 100% he said last fan fest or a interview when heavens ward he had 2 choices the drk or the Sam and went for drk so I think Sam just seems so to strange have red mage and blue mage together

  11. Grant Bailey
    Grant Bailey says:

    To be fair when I first saw the spider man shirt I immediately jumped to Blue Mage as well but honestly I really hope that idea is wrong. Not knocking people who love blue mage and to be fair the job has been interesting in the past but as an overall theme it is way to similar to red mage. Allow me to explain. So Red mage is a jack of all trades kinda of a melee kinda a magic users with the magic running the gamut from dps, to healing, to status effects. While the blue mage has an interesting mechanic of learning powers from beasts what really is a blue mage? Its a jack of all trades some blue mages have sabers, and can cast magic and those spells/powers run the gamut of different abilities. While the blue mage is often more powerful due to the risk/reward style of their play they really couldn't have this style. I know an argument could certainly be made that the Blue mage will probably be completely changed if it was ever implemented maybe a counter attack tank I guess. I am just worried it will be to close thematically with the red mage. We will have to wait and see I suppose.

  12. Sam Rose
    Sam Rose says:

    It's going to be Samurai because Japan loves it's words puns too much. Even if it's an old director, Sam Raimi being so close to Samurai in japan is literally the kind of thing they would do. Plus that is the kind of troll-level thing Yoshi would be willing to do. Blue Mage would be cool, but I have my doubts.

    Or he could pull the wool over our eyes and give us both with the shirt referencing both. Doubtful, but who knows with this dev team.


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