Customer Finally Returns Gap Shirt After 17 Years

Photo: Courtesy of Reddit

Call it the greatest clothing return of all time: In the past few days, an image surfaced on the Internet of a shirt that a customer returned to Gap nearly 17 years later, long past the store’s 45-day return policy. The technicality-evading piece in question—now considered vintage—is a red BabyGap button-up shirt with an attached vest complete with the original tag still intact. The store’s management was apparently none too pleased. The natty child’s collector’s item was hung next to a sign that began with: “Who on Earth accepted this as a return?!?!?!” And a few questions still remain: Did the customer receive a full refund or store credit? And did they even have the receipt?

More importantly and store policy aside, the look—hailing from Gap’s summer 2000 selections—is a well-preserved piece of noughties fashion history. The vest and collared shirt combo was a popular trend that dotted the Spring 2000 runways of Prada menswear in the form of a suede vest and white shirt as well as in elevated evening versions at Dolce & Gabbana. Call this long-overdue return a true artifact of the millennium.

Inspired by this surprise throwback, here are nine other looks from Spring 2000 that should never be returned—no matter how good the refund may be.



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