12 Of The Worst People On Airplanes

Flying. It’s challenging at the best of times, what with all the getting to the gate on time, delays, lack of leg room, terrible food and flights that last up to 18 hours.

But throw in badly-behaved fellow passengers and flying can truly become a nightmare.

For examples of some of the worst behavior you only have to look at popular Instagram account Passenger Shaming, which is dedicated to publicly humiliating fiendish fliers on its Instagram feed and Facebook page.

From those who shove their feet in between others’ seats to those who think a plane is the appropriate place to clip their toenails, here are 12 of the worst people you’ll come across while flying, courtesy of Passenger Shaming.

1. The Space Hog

As airlines seek to make more money the amount of space on airplanes shrinks, so the last thing you need is a space hog invading the little personal space you do have. Whether it’s a knee spilling into your neighbor’s zone or an elbow in the rib, keep your limbs to yourself. The reality is no one is really comfortable on a flight, so just stay in your own lane.

2. The Feet Liberator

There are few things more nauseating on a flight than a stranger’s feet in your face. The Feet Liberator is partial to putting their hooves on your armrest from behind or jams them in between your seat. Memo to those who can’t keep their tootsies to themselves: Your feet often smell and no one wants them anywhere near them.

3. The Rapunzel

This type of person makes you wish scissors weren’t banned from flying. The Rapunzel is often seen not only flicking their glorious mane around and hitting everyone in the face with it in confined spaces (e.g. the line to get on board the plane), but also letting it tumble over the seat behind them once they finally sit down. Just like your limbs, keep your hair to yourself, no matter how magnificent it is.

4. The Barefoot Bandit

Do you know what that liquid is on the toilet floor? Hint, it’s not water. Despite that, there will always be a few Barefoot Bandits who choose to get around an aircraft san shoes. Yes, some airlines encourage you to free your feet from shoes and offer thick socks for long-haul flights. But when it comes time to get up from your seat, put your shoes back on. Be prepared and wear comfortable footwear you can easily take on and off.

5. The Groomer

Whether it’s clipping toenails, filing fingernails or plucking stray chin or nose hairs, some people unfortunately mistake the giant metal tube they are sitting in for a beauty salon. An airplane is not the place to groom yourself. Ask yourself this question: Would I do this at the supermarket? In church? At the movies? If the answer is no, don’t do it in the plane either.

6. The Gym Junkie

So you love yoga. Or maybe you love to do the odd burpee or push-up. Good for you! But a plane isn’t the place to flaunt your athletic prowess. Yes, flights can be long and arduous and tiring, but nobody appreciates your butt or other bits in their face when you’re downward dogging in the aisle. By all means, stretch and move around to get the blood flowing (as airlines recommend you do to prevent clots), but try not to bother others while you’re doing it and don’t go overboard.

7. The Nudist

While not technically nude nude, this person thinks taking their shirt off during a flight is socially acceptable. Just like it’s not socially acceptable to take your shirt off on a bus, or in a train, or anywhere else where you are in public around complete strangers (except the beach or a pool), being half naked on a plane is not cool. This is just simple etiquette and avoids making others feel uncomfortable.

8. The Egocentric

The Egocentric loves to throw their coats, jackets, hats, scarfs and shoes into the overhead bin as if it’s the bottom of their closet at home, leaving little space for their fellow passengers. If you must store your clothes in the overhead bin, place them neatly folded on top of a piece of luggage. Also, if you have two bags, place only one in the bin and the other under the seat in front of you (unless you’re sitting at a bulkhead or first row).

9. The Luggage Crammer

While it’s obvious to everyone else that the huge bag they’re attempting to shove into the overhead bin won’t fit, The Luggage Crammer will keep trying like a bad game of Tetris. Being forced to check luggage you were planning to take on board can be a costly exercise, but be a respectful flier and comply with the requirements for carry-on baggage. Size restrictions are there so that everybody gets a fair allocation of on board space.

10. The Filthy Fliers

As you’re filing off the plane have you ever looked at some of the seats and wondered, what on earth went on there? These are The Filthy Fliers, those who leave behind piles of newspapers, bits of food, cups, napkins and other sorts of trash like diapers and worse. For those who couldn’t care less about the state they leave their space in, remember you are not at home and someone has to clean up your nasty mess.

11. The Leg Spreader

Space is tight, yes, but just like The Space Hog it doesn’t mean you can spread your legs wherever and however you want. If you really need to spread ‘em, get up and stretch by going for a walk to the other end of the plane. Stop feeling entitled to so much space.

12. The Luggage Belt Zealot

Like an over-eager puppy, The Luggage Belt Zealot will get as close to the luggage belt as possible, push others out of the way and obstruct their view in the hope of getting to their precious cargo first. Everyone wants to get their luggage, but pushing and shoving and being a jerk at the luggage belt doesn’t make it get there any faster. Just relax. Your bag will get there when it gets there.

Have you come across any of these fliers before? What do you dislike most about flying? Let us know your thoughts or comments below. If you enjoyed this story, spread the love and share!

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