Occupation Related Wall Clocks – Brighten Up Someone's Day

Sometimes shopping for a gift for a special person can be a little difficult. You want to find that perfect gift and are worried that you might give them something something that they will not like and will never use. There are so many different gifts you can buy that it can be very hard, even overwhelming to find something appropriate to give them. If you are in a bind and need something, why not get them an occupation wall clock. They can be a perfect gift for anything, whether it is for the home, cubicle, office or workplace.

Office wall clocks are great because they are a functional gift. People look at clocks all the time. Maybe they are waiting for their workday to end, or are realizing that they are late for work. It's a great gift for a co-worker, family member or friend because it can be made to fit whatever type of person you are shopping for. You should be able to find any clock with any design or style that is sure to be a perfect fit for the person you want to buy for.

Occupation Wall Clocks may not be available in your local shops but they can be found online. If you do not find exactly what you want, you may want to have a clock customized exactly to your liking. There are a number of online shops where this is done. Just search for the phrase "occupation wall clocks" and you will find what you need.

Occupation wall clocks look great displayed in the workplace. They can bring a sense of fun to the entire office. More often than not, occupation wall clocks have a funny or witty comment about the working experience that everyone can relate to, understand and find humorous.

They not only look great in the workplace, but having them in the home is great too. The clock can still say something about your occupation. You can get occupational wall clocks to fit any type of occupation too. It does not just have to be about office jobs; you can get them for other occupations too like police officer, firefighter, beautician, barber, doctor, lawyer and many more jobs. They really are the perfect gift to give for any person and any occupation.

People look at clocks multiple times of the day and usually they are the standard boring clock that everyone is used to. Why not give them something to read and laugh about every time they look at the clock? It will make their day a little brighter.

If a person on your gift list is someone who either has everything or does not need anything, giving them an occupational wall clock can be your answer. Occupation wall clocks are the gift that keeps on giving and is something that can brighten up a person's day for many days to come. And every time they look at the clock they will laugh and think about the person who gave it to them.

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Tips for Putting Together Outfit With Pink Shoes

Pink shoes are the must-have accessory this spring, but trying to put together an outfit that looks good with them can be a little bit daunting for most women. If you match the shoes too closely to the outfit you can look overdone. On the other hand, if you do not match them to the outfit correctly it can look like you are wearing clown shoes instead of fashionable, stylish shoes. Here are some tips on how to wear pink shoes and how to plan an outfit that will look great with them, no matter what shade of pink you opt for.

Probably the easiest pink shoes to plan outfits around are soft pink shoes in shades like dusty pink or mauve. The muted tones of pink act almost as a neutral, making them easy to pair with just about any color. Try wearing soft pink shoes with true neutrals like khaki, navy, black or brown. The muted pink color of the shoe will lend a feminist touch to the outfit without making you look too childish or girly.

If you do want to go for a more girly feeling, opt for pink shoes in pastel shades like baby pink or rose. Pastel pink is a little bit trickier to work with when planning an outfit since it can tend to look very childish unless done correctly. First, choose pastel pink shoes that have a little bit classier, more grown up feeling to them. Try pairing shoes in these shades with a pair of white pants or a white skirt and a shirt in another soft color like aqua, pale blue, soft yellow, or light green. It is usually a good idea to avoid wearing a pink shirt that matches your shoes or you will look too overdone in pink. Pastel pink shoes also look nice paired with flowing summer dresses in pale hues or soft prints.

Bright pink shoes in shades of hot pink, fuchsia or magenta are a great way to make a lively statement with your outfit. When wearing a very bright shoe it is generally a good idea to keep the colors of your outfit fairly neutral and have the shoe be the center point of your outfit. Try wearing bright pink shoes with black slacks, skirts or dresses to add a fun-loving, energetic feeling to what could otherwise be a boring outfit. You can also wear a bright shoe with other colors between black. Some good choices may be bright green, turquoise, or yellow. The key is to not wear too many colors in your outfit along with a bright shoe. Try to stick with one main color along your shoe to avoid looking overly colorful or clown-like.

Source by Sarah Callen

How to Dress For a Job Interview!

Once you've got your resume embellished and ready to shine it's time to turn your attention to your wardrobe. The first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one. The first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. That's why it's always important to dress appropriately for a job interview. First impressions are important so make this one count and you're halfway there to getting that new job.

1. Wear Trousers not Jeans

For all those first timers out there, you may have the perfect shirt and jacket to wear over those new jeans that make you look great but save that for your friend's party.

2. All tied up

The nerves are getting to you but you are not sure which Tie matches your Suit. Do not make these mistakes –

a) Wear that super skinny tie you recently bought. Why? Because the interviewer is most likely more experienced and older than you and a regular tie is most likely to give him the impression that you are taking your career seriously.

b) Make sure your tie is not denim and crumpled having been removed from the bottom of your drawer. A sharp silk or knit tie always lends gravity to your persona.

c) Do not go for an overly bright color and one of your funny Homer Simpson print ties, you may get the humor but the chances are that your interviewer may not. Opt instead for subtle prints and muted solids that elevate your Suit.

3. Leave no room for creases

Let the Interviewer cross-question you all want but but confident and do not let the creases show. Make sure your suit is ironed and a clean shirt is pressed beforehand so you need not be scurrying around before the interview.

4. Toeing the Issue

Make sure your shoes are polished. Shoes speak louder than words.

5. Stick to the Classics

A classic black, dark blue or gray Suit will help project your seriousness. Make sure you strike a balance between cycling & eccentric with the help of suit accessories. Avoid a double-breasted suit; a single-breasted one is not only more current but always safe. Either a two-or three-button cut is fine, although a two-button style is a shade more classic. Fabric must be seasonally appropriate and properly pressed. Crisp and neat are key when deciding what to wear.

6. Groom well

Do not forget to shave that goatee. Keep it clean and make sure your hair is short and not all over your face.

Source by John Rachel

Find a Wholesale Drop Ship Supplier

Perhaps the easiest way to start a business is to get into a tie up with a wholesale drop ship supplier. These suppliers are the best because they do all the work for you and all you really have to do is to advertise their products so that you get as many orders as possible.

After you send the orders, they will prepare, pack and ship the items out to your customers. You will get a percentage of the sales, you will not have to go out and ship it yourself, and best of all, you can do this right from the comforts of your own home. There are two basic reasons why getting a wholesale drop ship supplier is beneficial.

First is the price. Since the products will be sold wholesale, then the products will be quite lower than the ones that are sold in the stores. So it is either you can get to sell it at a lower price, or you get to sell it at the same cost, but with more profit. For example, you are selling shirts. The basic white shirt, say, will sell in stores normally for $ 10 with a $ 1 profit for every sale made.

If you get the item wholesale, you get each shirt for around $ 6. So you have two choices. First, you can sell the items at $ 7, so that more customers will buy the shirts. In this set up, you get more customers, yet you still only get $ 1 in profit for every shirt you sell. Or you can also follow a different strategy, which will yield more profits.

You can sell the shirts for $ 10, as well, so that you will get a profit of $ 4 every sale. So it really depends on the characteristics of the item. If the reason why the product does not sell well is because of the price, then it is better to go for the first strategy. If the product sells pretty well, then you can go for the second option, so you can earn more profits per sale.

Second, they ship the items. With this part served by the supplier, you are actually doing none of the work. All you really have to do is to tell as many people as you can about the products and you can start learning.

Source by David Taylortown


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Football Shirts

The world of football shirts seems to have gone a little mad in recent times since the whole scam to do with supermarkets and cheap prices, but make no mistake about it, it's still massive business.

Football is a business these days, we all know that and the shirts have a massive impact on profits for clubs, so getting things just right in terms of design and sales must rank highly in terms of importance.

Why is it then, that so many teams have so many football shirts? I mean event the teams at the very top, will all the money and resource in the world seem to fall victim to some of the most god awesome tops you could ever hope to see.

This season, let's take Chelsea for instance. They've won two Premiership titles and countless other trophies and plaudits over the last three or four seasons and this year they're being paraded round in fluorescent green tops that make them look like traffic wardens.

Is it just the fact that manufacturers think they have to come up with designs for football shirts that stand out from the crowd in order to be considered worthy? There is one kit manufacturer who looks to have things down however, and that's Nike.

No matter who they're asked to design for, they always seem to come good and they've been doing that same high class job for years now. Arsenal, Celtic and Man Utd are just three teams to benefit from the quality of their shirt designs in recent times and I'm sure there's a line of others waiting in the wings.

But what are Nike doing that all of the other manufacturers are not? Well, they're keeping it simple. Most real football fans are just everyday people who do not want a tight fitted pink shirt with a white round neck collar. They want their teams colors represented in a simple manner so they can wear the shirt with pride on a Saturday.

A lot of manufacturers seem to be forgetting this and I hope very soon that football shirts are given the attention they deserve in the future.

Source by Thomas Baugh

Casual Is the Mantra for Mens Fashion!

Men's attire mostly consist of a pair of trousers in dark colors or a pair of jeans topped by a collared shirt. With changing styles and men's designer clothes reaching new heights, the same old trousers and jeans have been given a totally different look. They now come in different fabrics and shapes. Bell bottoms, tights, elephant pants, low waist jeans, seamless pleated trousers, belt less jeans etc. have surfaced due to designers' innovation.

Today in men's fashion, the casual look is cool and trendy. A pair of jeans with a bright colored red, green, or half sleeve shirt looks great for a day out with friends and collections. If it's a slightly more dressy occasion, just wrap a bright colored scarf around your shoulders, pull on a shearling jacket, and you are set to make a cool style statement. Get a pair of military boots, and turn up the jeans to show off your shoes, this is another cool look and a perfect trendsetter!

Denims are here to stay. They will never go out of fashion. If you are in love with denims, then the double denim look is definitely for you. Opt for the double denim jeans with a light casual shirt, or if you think you can carry off a denim shirt also with this ensemble, go for it! Sport a scarf to give a relaxed party look. Denim trousers paired with a casual shirt suits almost all occasions.

The look this season in men's fashion is all about sporting a casual look with little bit of detailing. To your casual pair of jeans, tees and jacket, you can add a badge, or a contrast color zip. To get unusual stylish looks that set you apart from the rest, tune into the Ministry of Fashion site. They have a large collection of jackets, coats and blazers. You can choose from a bikers jacket, or a aviator jacket, or the happening shearling jacket.

Refined ruggedness is the key to men's designer wear. It applies to your shoes and boots too. If you can pull it off, try out bright colored ankle length socks with traditional suits, matching it to your shirt color. Men's military boots are making a fashion statement too this season. Military boots with bright colored socks, a pair of jeans with brightly colored shirt, or a leather coat with a scarf will complete the look, and floor any onlookers completely!

Source by Neil Martin

Custom Polo Shirt

If one is looking forward to promote a brand or a business firm, then the best way a person can do is by launching an ad campaign and giving many promotional offers. This may also involve giving out free promotional gifts with the business name printed on it. One of the most popular promotional gifts is the custom polo shirts. This is because gifting shirts may have a long term impact on the person and also helps in spreading the business name. It is suitable for newly formed enterprises which want maximum people to know its name.

While designing a custom polo shirt, it must also be remembered that the shirt must also contain designs such as logo or an image related to the business and not only the name of the business. Printing only the name of the business makes the shirt look very dull and none will pay much attention to it. On the contrary if the shirt contains attractive graphics people might be interested in knowing the business and theby increases the popularity of the business / brand. This sort of campaigning is also used for sponsoring many charity events.

However, most of the custom polo shirts match golf shirts and have the name of the business firm printed on the left upper corner of the shirt. These shirts are worn by both men and women and may hence come in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics. This is dependent on the business firm which is sponsoring it. Creating custom polo shirt is fun and it certainly adds to the reputation of the business firm in the society. This is because the more the number of person sees the shirts, the more they are attracted towards the business. Therefore, it has been observed that many custom polo shirts worn by people today have the logos or brand names of a business firm. However, if the person is running a well established business firm and at the same time the business is doing reliably well and is also well established, then the business firm may start by selling custom polo shirts. In this case the business firm apart from increasing its popularity also earns an income. By selling custom polo shirts the person can also earn a secondary income and at the same time increase the popularity of his business firm or create his own brand name.

While designing a polo shirt it must be kept in mind that shirts of variety of designs must be developed and so that it can be worn by all types of people. Many business firms do not keep this in mind and therefore, they create only large size polo shirts. Apart from sizes shirts must be designed for both men and women. Designing of polo shirts is relatively easy. There are lots of designs available on the internet for different kinds of business enterprises. Custom polo shirts are also designed to create a healthy relationship with the customers and gaining their confidence. Custom polo shirts are one of the best ways to build a business brand.

Source by John J. James

Finding the Right Nursing Bra After Your Pregnancy

Shopping for bras is challenging enough, but when it comes to nursing bra shopping it can seem nearly impossible. There are so many variables to bra fitting when shopping for a nursing bra including whether or not you are still pregnant and then trying to guess what your size you will be after you deliver your baby and begin nursing. Whether or not you plan to nurse your baby full time also factors into your prospective nursing bra size. Also, every woman’s body reacts differently to nursing, some women may go up one cup size third trimester pregnancy when they begin nursing, others may increase as much as 2 cups sizes and still others maybe only a half cup size difference if any. Here are a few suggestions and recommendations in shopping for your nursing bras to try to make this task a little less daunting:

If you are expecting your first baby, it is hard to know what to expect with your future bra size when shopping for your nursing bra as you have no history to draw on. The best rule of thumb is to wait until as close to your due date as possible before buying a nursing bra so that you can best gage what your size will be. If you do plan to nurse, you can expect your milk to come in within 2-3 days after you deliver. When you milk does first come in, some women experience a huge temporary uptick in their cup size. However, once your hormones settle down and your milk supply adjusts to a more predictable demand, your size should settle down. You should expect some natural size fluctuation during the day and before and after nursing, so it is best to pick a comfortable stretchy bra which will accommodate these changes while providing the support that you need for heavier lactating breasts.

The second rule is to not buy too many bras until your size has settled down after the first few weeks. You will probably only need about 3-4 bras at most that you can wash and wear so you always have one on hand to accommodate those early weeks. My best advice is to find several styles you like, that are very stretchy and can accommodate several cup sizes to safely fit your fluctuating and uncertain size. The Bravado Original Nursing Bra is an excellent choice. This bra comes in 3 size categories and 4 band sizes to accommodate a range of cup and band sizes and stretches easily while offering good support. Since there are no hooks on the back and a stretchy wide T-back fit, you can even comfortably sleep in this bra if you choose. If you are larger busted, I do recommend buying sleep bras for evening and nighttime wear which will also fit a range of cup sizes. The Majamas Easy Bra is an good choice which comes Small to XXL and fits from a 32A to a 48G. This bra has no hooks in the back and is a simple pull down style for nursing. The Easy Bra now also comes in an Organic Cotton which is very comfortable fabric for sleeping and loungewear.

Once you have survived the early weeks of nursing and motherhood, you will probably want to find a bra that is flattering to wear under T-shirts and gives you a bit more support and shape. Melinda G has a number of bras to choose from that come in a range of sizes. Melinda’s G’s Tee Shirt Soft Cup Nursing Bra is a smooth cup wireless bra that gives a clean look you can wear under a tee shirt or tight fitting shirt. This bra also has support comparable to an underwire bra without the associated risk of mastitis from an underwire bra. The Tee Shirt Soft Cup bra also stretches to fit several cup and band sizes which makes it an excellent nursing bra.

If you are bigger busted and really need the support of an underwire bra, Melinda G’s T-shirt Underwire Nursing bra is a very good choice. Like the Tee shirt soft cup bra, this bra also provides a clean seamless and smooth look that can be worn under a tight fitting shirt while also giving your breast shape and definition without restrictions. This bra comes in sizes 34C to 38F and is cup and band size specific, so it is best to buy this bra after your milk supply has settled down and you are a more exact size. The hooks on the cups do allow you to adjust the size of the cups to smaller or larger for before and after nursing to help with that size variation and superior fit.

If you are looking to get back your pre-pregnancy figure and hit the gym, you will probably feel more comfortable in a nursing sports bra when exercising. Bella Materna offers a highly supportive and comfortable Nursing Sports Bra that stretches to accommodate up to 2 cup sizes for your normal size fluctuation. The quick drying Italian Lyca/Nylon fabric will not pill or fade or show sweat marks. This bra has a 4 hook closure on the back for maximum support and adjustable wide straps with clip nursing access. You will probably want to wear this bra even after your baby is weaned for its support, comfort and flattering uplifting design.

Once you find comfortable supportive nursing bras to accommodate your size variations and daily life routines, you will find your quality of life improves tremendously as you reclaim your body, your life and embark upon the joys of motherhood.

Source by Amy Jarman